new years resolutions
2013 was a big year for World Central Kitchen. In 2014 WCK resolves to…

Help Communities Feed Themselves
Our Smart School Kitchen will begin Phase 2, a chicken farm and a community garden, that will help the community grow and sell food while helping to make the school sustainable.

Create a Skilled Workforce
At the World Central Kitchen Culinary School at Elie du Bois, young girls will be trained as skilled chefs and entrepreneurs – empowering the girls and strengthening the food service workforce in Haiti.

Do Good Business
As our orphanage bakery Boulanjri Beni continues to grow, we will help create more revenue streams by re-creating their roadside Fish Restaurant – Pwason Beni – and marketing a variety of products with a solid business plan.

Stay tuned for SMART SOLUTIONS to hunger and poverty in other parts of the world in 2014!