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Smart Roast

World Central Kitchen is building a coffee roasting facility in the mountains of Nicaragua that will increase the coffee farmers income by 400%.

Nicaragua’s coffee growing region is an essential aspect of the rural surrounding communities who farm this fertile and thriving land. In Nicaragua, World Central Kitchen focuses in three areas: Madriz, Chinandega, and Esteli. However, in these areas, the hardworking coffee farmers get paid very little, and have difficulty caring for their families.

These farmers deserve higher pay – for this reason, World Central Kitchen and our two valuable partners, Fabretto and Vega Coffee, will provide the necessary training, tools, and equipment to these farmers.

By origin roasting and selling their own coffee, the money from coffee sales will stay in the hands of the coffee farmer’s families, rather than going to a middleman. 

World Central Kitchen is:

  • Providing jobs to youth in roasting and packaging single origin coffee
  • Working with our partner Fabretto to enroll the youth in school, emphasizing a “Learning by Earning” model.
  • Working with coffee experts at Vega Coffee, who are training these Nicaraguan students about: coffee roasting, hand selecting beans, packaging, and cupping coffee

The students are able to receive training and employment due to World Central Kitchen’s investment in high-end coffee roasting machines,  and quality-control and packaging equipment. Twelve youth from the farm families will learn how to roast and cup coffee, giving them transferrable and marketable skills, as well as the ownership over what makes specialty coffee special.