Over the past year, World Central Kitchen has made life changing investments in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. We’re proud of the launch of our Smart Kitchen at Palmiste Tampe, Haiti.

What is a smart kitchen? Healthier cooking methods through the use of clean cookstoves; Healthier meals through the incorporation of fresh vegetables; sustainable goals through the addition of a community garden and chicken farm.

In this mountain village in Haiti, the community’s main focus, every day, is providing ONE meal to their family. Through World Central Kitchen’s smart school kitchen, we are able to provide a meal which acts as the impetus for these children to go to school.

This Thanksgiving, as you enjoy a meal with your family, please think of those less fortunate and make a donation that will go directly to provide a healthy meal to the children of Palmiste Tampe.

Smart Kitchen = Healthy Meals = Education