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Sink to Stove, Cusmapa

Cusmapa, Nicaragua

Victor AlbisuIn Cuzmapa, one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua, bad food safety and sanitation practices leave many sick. World Central Kitchen and Fabretto are working together to help train cooks with Sink to Stove Training, giving them the skills they need to properly prepare food for themselves and the people in their communities.

Victor Albisu, chef of DC’s Del Campo restaurant and a member of WCK’s Chef Network, joined World Central Kitchen to kick off the program and help train local cooks. His lessons focused on food safety, sanitation, and knife skills as he helped the cooks prepare their first feijoada for the community.

This type of Culinary Ambassadorship from the Chef Network is crucial to improving safety, sanitation and skills around the world, while helping to improve the tourism industry and strengthening economies. Learn more about the World Central Kitchen Chef Network.

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