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Sourcing Superfood in Haiti

Opening New Doors for Sustainable Growth and Nutrition

World Central Kitchen has partnered with Kuli Kuli Foods and the Smallholder Farmers Alliance to source Moringa, a new superfood, from Haiti. The plant, packed with 27 vitamins and 46 antioxidants is being grown in Haiti for use in the new Kuli Kuli Foods products.

WCK is working to connect Kuli Kuli to the Small Farmers Alliance, developing production of a robust agriculture economy in Haiti by sourcing Moringa from rural Haitian communities.

Though this plant has obvious benefits, it is often vastly underutilized due to a lack of understanding of its value and how to best incorporate it into local diets.

WCK’s partnership with Kuli Kuli and the Smallerholder Farmers Alliance will open new doors towards:

  • Sustainable growing and will act as a kickstart to the Moringa supply chain in Haiti; this same sustainable supply chain model has already been proven successful in Ghana.
  • Awareness of this new superfood and how it can be used to improve nutrition worldwide.

For more information about this program, please download our one pager on Sourcing Sustainable Superfood.