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Pwason Beni: Sustainable Restaurant

Croix des Boquettes, Haiti

Due to the success of Boulanjri Beni, World Central Kitchen created a second sustainable social enterprise. The Pwason Beni restaurant serves delicious meals to the surrounding community and provides support to the Zambi Beni orphanage.

Pwason Beni Restaurant:

  • Provides its staff with further culinary skills and customer-service training
  • Uses the bread from Boulanjri Beni to make fish sandwiches to sell to the public
  • Provides a “point of sale” for fresh fish, bread from Boulanjri Beni, and chicken eggs from Zamni Beni’s chicken farm

Through the orphanage bakery and restaurant, World Central Kitchen is using the power of food to empower communities and strengthen economies!

For more information about this program download our project summary on Pwason Beni.