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Dominican Honey Production

Puerto Escondido, Dominican Republic

21 Women Honey CooperativeIn a small mountain village in the Dominican Republic near the Haitian border, beekeeping and honey production are changing lives. A cooperative of 21 Women is producing, bottling and selling honey to help profit the village’s agricultural center.

World Central Kitchen’s role:

  • Grew initiative by doubling their production rates
  • Assisted in bottling and packaging honey
  • Helped with marketing and promotion of 21 Women

With World Central Kitchen’s support, the cooperative was able to double their number of hives and increase their honey production by 120% in 2013 alone. This growth has led the women participating in the project to increase their income by 250%. This cooperative’s workers are not only improving the quality of life for their immediate and extended families, but also uplifting their community as a whole.

For more information about this program download our project summary on 21 Women.