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World Central Kitchen Culinary School

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

World Central Kitchen operates Haiti’s premier Culinary School in partnership with the Haitian Government and Ministry of Tourism, and with the support of our partners, Coca-Cola, Gonvarri Steel Industries, and Marriott International. As we create a talented hospitality workforce for Haiti, regional partners such as Marriott and other hotels and restaurants will hire our graduates as employees for the future.

WCK trains over 30 rising chefs per year with expertly trained teachers and curriculum that focuses on culinary technique. The curriculum focuses on food safety/sanitation, advanced culinary skills, life skills and job search. This innovative curriculum will elevate the level of culinary professionals in Haiti, and help to support the plans for tourism expansion over the next few years.

World Central Kitchen’s role:

  • Building an industrial teaching kitchen
  • Providing a culinary classroom
  • Developing a 24-week culinary curriculum designed by José Andrés and his team
  • Training and hiring culinary school staff

Skills learned at the World Central Kitchen Culinary School:

  • Professional culinary skills
  • Meal production
  • Front of house service
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Food safety
  • Job search and other career skills

The World Central Kitchen Culinary School is expected to produce over 30 skilled graduates per year and increased the students’ earnings potential by 400%!

For more information about this program download our one pager on our Culinary School.