Boulanjri Beni: Sustainable Bakery

This project not only creates meaningful jobs for the community in Croix des Boquettes, Haiti but also provides fresh bread and a consistent revenue stream for the Zanmi Beni Orphanage.

In the first nine months of operation, the bakery produced 120,000 rolls and generated $6,000 in revenue to support the orphanage.

Pwason Beni: Sustainable Restaurant

Launching off the success of Boulanjri Beni, the Pwason Beni fish restaurant opened soon after. The professional kitchen serves meals to the community while generating revenue for the Zanmi Beni Orphanage.

The restaurant also provides a “point of sale” for fresh fish from the Zanmi Beni fish farm, bread from Boulanjri Beni, and chicken eggs from Zamni Beni’s chicken farm.