World Central Kitchen is committed reducing food insecurity in Puerto Rico by offering direct funding and partnership grants to food related small businesses and small holder farms. Our support is intended to help our grantees recover after suffering damages from hurricanes and other natural disasters as well as increase their capacity for food growing, distribution and sales over the long-term.

Who We Fund:

  • Individual farmers. We have a strong preference for farmers who are:
    • Employing sustainable, eco-agricultural practices.
    • Working with their neighbors and communities to share equipment, knowledge, distribution, sales or other resources.
    • Aiming to increase their crop outputs and are interested increasing their sales by gaining access to World Central Kitchen’s network of distributors, restaurants and hotels.
    • Interested in building their resilience against future natural disasters.
    • Committed to participating in WCK’s skills building program that includes access to workshops, trainings, meetings/conferences, and networking opportunities in the agricultural and small business sectors.
  • Community based groups that bring together farmers like those described above and that work to leverage the skills and talents of the individual farmers to create a more impactful whole. Groups that support other food related services to their local community are highly favored. Examples of such activities might include, but are not limited to:
    • Hosting a community or school kitchens that can be used for community gatherings, events, or emergency feeding locations.
    • Organizing farmers’ markets or similar events for sales of sustainable produce, proteins, or prepared products to the community.
    • Coordinating cooking, healthy eating, or other food related topic classes for children or adult community members.
    • Facilitating the sharing of farming equipment, labor, or other resources across local farms.
  • Individually owned, small businesses participating in the Puerto Rican food supply chain (restaurants, packagers, delivery companies) who are procuring their inputs from local farms – in particular those that are existing WCK grantees – and targeting Puerto Rican consumers.

What We Fund:

  • Farm equipment, water collection or irrigation systems, and similar.
  • Purchase and/or construction of green houses, storage sheds, cool storage facilities, chicken coops and similar farm infrastructure.
  • Seeds, saplings/trees, plant plugs, and similar.
  • Restaurant or distributor equipment.

What We Don’t Fund:

  • Solar power panels, related items, and installation – though we will work with our partner grantees to help them connect with providers of solar solutions.
  • Farm labor costs or general operating expenses like utilities.

How We Fund:

Plow to Plates operates in two funding cycles per year. In cases of emergencies and special opportunities, we may issue special invitations to apply. The next cycle dates are:

Applications forms available: September 17, 2018
Application submission deadline: October 31, 2018

Visits by and interviews with WCK staff: October 1 – November 15
Notifications by: November 30, 2018
Funding by: December 14, 2018

The application for this round of funding is now closed. To find out about future funding opportunities please sign up for our newsletter.