World Central Kitchen partners with some of the top international organizations that are making a difference in the fight against hunger.

Cesal is a Spanish NGO dedicated to international cooperation and now present in 15 countries in Latin America and Africa with projects in education, health, housing, water and sanitation, production development, micro enterprise and job training.  World Central Kitchen and CESAL see ‘eye to eye” on the goal of  empowerment and are partnering on a number of projects , including the Palmiste Tampe School/Kitchen/Community Garden project and a clean cook stove project for street vendors in Port au Prince.

Coptic MissionMeant 2 Live Foundation
The Coptic Mission and the Meant 2 Live Foundation are partnered with WCK on our first Africa-based project, the Lusaka, Zambia Smart School Kitchen. Together with their partners, the Meant 2 Live Foundation empowers non-profit organizations that focus on combating social injustices to improve the quality of life for impoverished youth through education, mentorship, and food programs.

Dog Tag Bakery
Dog Tag Bakery is WCK’s first domestic partner. Based in Washington D.C., Dog Tag Bakery provides a vehicle for Veterans to learn new culinary-based skills and put their newly acquired skills into context in their new Georgetown-based Bakery. Dog Tag Bakery is partnered with Georgetown University and WCK to provide training in their state of the art bakery, kitchen, and classroom space, and to place students in a business rotation where fellows will have the opportunity to learn every aspect of a small business, including staff management, product creation, customer service, marketing and operations.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a public-private initiative to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions.  World Central Kitchen is in partnership with GACC and their Chef Corps – whose goal is to position the issue of clean cookstoves and fuels with global and country specific audiences. Jose Andres currently acts as the Ambassador of the GACC Chef Corps.

Partners in Health
Partners in Health provides a preferential option for the poor in health care.  By establishing long-term relationships with sister organizations based in settings of poverty, Partners in Health strives to achieve two overarching goals: to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair.  World Central Kitchen has partnered with PIH on the creation of a sustainable bakery and newly-opened fish restaurant at Zamni Beni – PIH orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Smallholder Farmers Alliance
The SFA is a Haiti-based NGO that works with small-scale farmers to help restore tree cover and increase food production. They create agroforestry cooperatives designed to be self-financing and farmer-managed following a limited period of training and external funding. This innovative, market-based development model results in the planting of significant numbers of trees as well as higher food crop yields and improved livelihoods in rural communities throughout Haiti.

Fabretto is a non profit working in rural Nicaragua and affecting the lives of over 19,000 children at 250 schools. Their mission is “to empower underserved children and their families in Nicaragua to reach their full potential, improve their livelihoods, and take advantage of economic opportunity through education and nutrition.”

Switch Haiti
SWITCH is a Haitian company that is focused on a penetration model for LPG as a source of energy for cooking in Haiti.

Caring for Cambodia

Caring for Cambodia is an organization working in Cambodia to help provide children with strong educations. They provide trained teachers, food, clothing, transport, water, healthcare, and more to their students to ensure that more students will be able to come to class and learn.

Jose Andres with Haitians