A photo is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to showing the impact that World Central Kitchen’s Food For Thought program has had in Ganthier, Haiti.

Before World Central Kitchen’s Food For Thought program.

These photos from the Simon Bolivar school show the conditions in which most school cooks in Haiti have to prepare meals for 600 students. These “kitchens” were little more than a few rocks in outdoor shacks, blackened by the smoke from the wood and charcoal cookstoves. School cooks were at constant risk of the dangers of cooking with solid fuels indoors.

Outside photo of the new school kitchen at Simon Bolivar.

You won’t recognize these kitchens after the work of World Central Kitchen. Bright walls, organized racks, and an LPG clean cookstove have made this kitchen a place where school cooks can prepare meals safely and with pride. In addition to a complete kitchen renovation, WCK also trained the cooks in food safety and sanitation, which increases the health of the cooks and students.

School cooks are able to prepare meals in a bright and safe working environment.

The school cooks (pictured below) were amazed by the difference. The gift of a new kitchen has made these women feel cared for and that their work is important. As Marianita, right, said: “We were in such darkness, and now we are in light.”

A new school kitchen protects the health of school cooks and better enables them to serve students.

World Central Kitchen is committed to renovating 50 school kitchens in Haiti over the next four years through the Food For Thought program. Follow our work on Facebook and Twitter!