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Food for Thought

HaitiEducation is the strongest way to advance the developing world, and a meal can often be the impetus for a child to go to school.

In Haiti, one of the biggest obstacles that prevents children from attending school is the need to gather wood for their one daily meal. In Ganthier, one of Haiti’s poorest areas, this is especially a problem. To help, World Central Kitchen and partner organization CESAL are launching the Food for Thought project, which will create 50 new kitchens in local schools equipped with clean cook stoves.

The Food for Thought project will provide students with a daily meal at school, raising attendance and improving student and staff health. Through the program, the schools will gain:

  • New, clean/improved cook stoves
  • New kitchens with prep tables and sanitation equipment
  • Food safety and sanitation training for their cooks
  • A new garden and chicken farm, where space is available

With the help of these new resources, over 125 school cooks will receive new equipment and training and over 15,000 students will get a nutritious daily meal at school. The project will span the course of four years. WCK will build 12 new school kitchens in 2016.