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Few Employment Opportunities

The Goal:
World Central Kitchen works to employ young adults and to draw attention to the importance of sustainable jobs that build important skill sets for future career paths and community empowerment.


The Programs:
In the mountains of the Dominican Republic, World Central Kitchen is helping a community cooperative to grow a honey business. The 21 Women Honey cooperative:

  • Uses the skill of beekeeping to generate revenue
  • Produces, bottles and sells honey to benefit the village’s agricultural center
  • Improves and uplifts the quality of life in the village


In Port au Prince, Haiti, WCK is reconstructing and establishing Haiti’s premier culinary school. The World Central Kitchen Culinary School will teach:

  • Professional culinary skills
  • Meal production
  • Kitchen hygiene & food safety
  • Job search and career skills
  • Preparation for hospitality-oriented jobs

At the Zamni Beni orphanage in Port au Prince, World Central Kitchen has constructed a Sustainable Bakery and Fish Restaurant. These entrepreneurial investments will:

  • Provide bakery and restaurant staff with a brand new skill set including culinary arts, sanitation, business guidance, and entrepreneurial know-how
  • Open up a variety of career options for the employees of these institutions for their futures
  • Through these programs World Central Kitchen uses the power of food to empower communities and strengthen economies!

*Facts and figures courtesy of the International Labor Organization and the CIA World Factbook