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Chef Network Diaries

Our network engages socially conscious chefs skilled in a wide range of culinary arts and matches them with communities in need around the world. Here are their stories...
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WCK Chef Network: Serving Meals and Restoring Hope in Peru

May 10th, 2017

This week World Central Kitchen’s Executive Director Brian MacNair and WCK Chef Network members Victor Albisu (Del Campo) and Chris “Tamalito” Peña (Taco Bamba) traveled to the Huachipa District in Peru. In partnership with CESAL, the team has worked to provide meals and essential supplies to those hit hardest by the recent spring flooding.

Over 100,000 people have been displaced due to the flooding and Huachipa, east of the capital, was one of the areas hit hardest. Many community members have completely lost their homes and are now living in tent communities set up by the government and other NGOs.

Thanks to your support, we raised the funds necessary to provide food for 10 community kitchens (ollas communes) for one month. This effort will allow 3,000 people to have a healthy meal as they rebuild their lives. In moments of chaos, being able to enjoy a hot meal means that there is one less thing these families have to worry about.

In addition to helping prepare meals, the WCK Chef Network team has helped to train 26 women in CESAL’s culinary program in food safety and sanitation training. We look forward to continuing our work in Peru as we help these communities get back on their feet.

See more photos from our Chef Network in action below, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

New Jobs with Coffee Roasters in Nicaragua

February 3rd, 2017

Congratulations to the youth who just got jobs roasting and packaging World Central Kitchen coffee.

All of the youth are enrolled in Fabretto schools which emphasize a “learning by earning” model. They are currently receiving training from Vega Coffee’s employees who are experts on origin roasting. Vega is training these students on coffee roasting, hand selection of beans, packaging, and cupping.

The students are able to receive training and employment due to World Central Kitchen’s investment in high-end coffee roasting machines,  and quality-control and packaging equipment.

You won’t have to wait much longer to receive fresh, origin-roasted coffee through World Central Kitchen.

The Impact of WCK in Pictures

January 10th, 2017

In 2016, World Central Kitchen affected more lives than ever before. Thanks to our supporters, World Central Kitchen:

  • Trained communities in Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, Zambia, and the US.
  • Distributed over 15,000 meals to Hurricane Matthew victims
  • Built 10 school kitchens in Haiti serving 5,000 students/day
  • Converted 50 more schools to clean cookstoves
  • Graduated 34 students at our Culinary School
  • Represented our Chef Network in Brazil, Cuba, and South Africa
  • Invested in a coffee roasting facility to increase farmers income by 400%
  • Invested in fish processing plant and new boats to increase fishermen income by 400%



What 10,000 Meals Mean to Hurricane-Struck Haiti

November 21st, 2016

World Central Kitchen and the Culinary Association of Haiti, led by Chef David Destinoble, have provided over 10,000 meals to Hurricane Matthew victims in Cayes, Haiti, in the last 4 weeks.

This was only possible because of the generosity of our supporters. You have helped

  • Feed this community
  • Speed up recovery as the town rebuilds their homes
  • Provide expert culinary training to the community volunteers

For many people in the community, this is their only meal of the day. We plan on serving another 5,000 meals by the end of November. You can help feed these victims of Hurricane Matthew and help rebuild their homes by donating to World Central Kitchen.


José & WCK to serve hundreds of meals/day in Haiti

October 18th, 2016

img_7247-copyHurricane Matthew destroyed the town of Jérémie and surrounding areas last week as it swept through Haiti and left over 1,000 people dead.

In response, WCK and its Chef Network have partnered with the Mayor of Les Cayes and the Culinary Association of Haiti to setup a makeshift kitchen and provide hundreds of meals per day to the communities affected by Hurricane Matthew.

José Andrés and WCK are in Haiti this week to help lead efforts to cook meals for Les Cayes, Jérémie and surrounding communities in need, and to train community volunteers to continue the efforts moving forward.

Donate today to directly provide meals with José!


Chef Network Guest Class with Taylor Gourmet at Dog Tag Bakery

October 13th, 2016

side-photo-dog-tagLast week, Casey Patten, Founder of Taylor Gourmet, visited Dog Tag Bakery to teach the Dog Tag Fellows about his experience as an entrepreneur and chef.

At the guest demo, Casey talked about starting Taylor Gourmet and the lessons he learned from growing the business from 1 location to 11. While talking about his experiences as a business owner, he taught the Dog Tag Fellows how to make arancini (fried risotto balls).

This demo was part of World Central Kitchen’s ongoing partnership with Dog Tag Bakery. Dog Tag Bakery’s fellowship program empowers veterans and their families through hands-on business experience and offers business classes from Georgetown University.

Casey is a member of World Central Kitchen’s Chef Network and has been a dedicated supporter of WCK through World Food Day and creating a Hoagie for Haiti that benefited WCK’s projects in Haiti.